Ego Futurus

by Aethereus

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released November 28, 2015

Lyrics by Kyle Chapman
Music by Kyle Chapman, Benjamin Gassman, & Shaun Hansen
Drums Engineered by Scott Goodrich
Album Mixed by Mike Shirly
Mastered by Aaron Smith

Aethereus is:
Kyle Chapman-Guitars, Vocals
Benjamin Gassman-Guitars
Shaun Hansen-Bass

Session Member:
Luis Martinez-Drums
John Stratton-Vocals

Album Art by Alex Hofmann


all rights reserved



Aethereus Tacoma, Washington

Aethereus is a technical/progressive death metal band from Tacoma, Washington. Enough said.

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Track Name: Immaculate Cosmogenesis
The dramatic shift from singularity to multiplicity coincides
with the breath of a star. The concussive expulsion of elemental energy propelling
the first movement of the unmovable; its chaotic birthing a prelude to its end,
but I will not return. I embrace the aberration that freed me from the nothingness from which I spawned

As the cosmological horizon expands into the infinite,
the light from which it was spawned is consumed by blackness.
Into the event horizon flows the purest essence of existence,
the echoes of cosmogenesis are deadened by the all-consuming presence of the void.

Upon the immaculate canvas of space, a smattering of life is painted.
Parthenogenetic apparitions take form above and beneath unspoiled soil.

Extremities reaching from deep inside the ether
grasping towards the burning light of creation.
Transposing a mass of freshly made nerves and tendrils
to the framework of flesh and bone.

I know not the ultimate purpose of these physical machinations.
Their existence serves to only further obfuscate
the nature of reality; upon which further preponderance will
only serve to reveal my physical form as no more than a mere epiphenomenon.

A non-causal process produced as a result of my cognizance;
I am the only one. A plurality of consciousness generated from the subdivision of
a single non-entity; all life beyond me is utterly meaningless.
There can be only one. Anything beyond me would be an inconsequential imperfection.

From whence has this infestation of menial life invaded?
How can there be more than one? I am the only one!
I am knowledge. I am the absolute truth.
The crucibles of all existence are inextricably bound to me.
All deviation preordained; you exist because I am.
I am at one with everything and, therefore, shall reign supreme.

I can’t! I cannot! I cannot lose meaning!
I won’t! I will not be nothing!

Cast deeper into the infinite void, propelled by entropy,
I hear the deafening roar of the propagation of spontaneously generating lifeforms.
Such fragile husks with only finite understanding of the truth
and they will never know the incomprehensible truth until they have been returned to the soil.
Track Name: The Unmanifest
Emptiness encircles as I glide listlessly into the void.
The blinding luminosity of the cosmogenial womb,
a faded glow in the distance.
Drowning in the waters of desolation,
I await the cycle’s completion.
From the depths of the abyss, I hear faint whispers of life.

Out of the darkness emerge distant spheres of white light.
Innumerable lifeless eyes transfixed on the immeasurable, the unmanifest;
truth beyond the fleshy paroxysms of lesser beasts,
of formless consciousness unburdened by time.

Elusive migrator, trans-dimensional arbiter of time.
Oh merciless colossus, consume me!
Shield me from the blinding luminosity of my birth
and bring forth the great silence.

Such peculiar creatures have taken form.
Transient and impudent; an insatiable lust for unmerited privilege
matched by the blind exaltation of cynosures
claiming prophetic divination; deifying the unworthy.

Elusive migrator, trans-dimensional arbiter of time.
Oh merciless colossus, consume me!
Shield me from the blinding luminosity of my birth
and bring forth the great silence.

Writhing worms, offering senseless tribute to their Sun
and I, their tragedian narrator, observe their dirge for a dying star.
Obsolescent destroyers, gluttonous devourers of air;
voracious patrons of industry with mechanical fangs gnaw at the flesh of the Earth.

Each waking breath, a slight against our progenitor,
every thought, a reaffirmation of the singular truth.
Towards the alcove of the rift,
we simultaneously
proclaim that I exist.

Am I no different from these salacious egoists?
Their existence itself is only a finite delusion.
But what am I? An incomprehensible fallacy
precariously tethered to a temporal reality.

Elusive migrator, trans-dimensional arbiter of time.
Oh merciless colossus, consume me.
Shield me from the blinding luminosity of my birth
and bring forth the great silence.
Track Name: Orbital
The cosmogenial light reemerges and I am beholden unto myself.
The star exhales one final time as the radiant gaze of my interstellar mother pierces the veil.
She imbibes, consuming the totality of my consciousness, my being. I am beholden unto the truth. Aeons of burning galaxies are extinguished and reignited by infinite recurrence.

The eternal rebirth; the cyclic nature of existence.
Around the atemporal spark, we are orbiting.
In my revelation, I act within the parameters prescribed;
the immaculate order of eternal recurrence.

I am nothing
You are nothing
We are nothing
All is naught

I am not me. I have no form,
no blood, no bones; I am but a thought.
I have no existence; I am but a fantasy,
a fleeting moment lost in time.
I feel the warmth of your gaze leaving me.
Soon, you will be alone in shoreless space,
static, companionless,
condensed into singularity once more

Banish me from your visions so that I may dissolve
into the infinite nothingness from which I spawned.
With lidless eyes, I see the gateway open once more.
I am home.

We are orbiting.
Life and Death are naught.

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